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    Lacquer Box "Siberia"

    The village of Kholui began painting lacquer miniatures in the 1930's, about 20 years later than both Palekh and Fedoskino. The background for Kholui lacquer boxes is usually black, just like Palekh lacquer boxes. The actual boxes go through a seven-step process to produce the finely crafted and very high quality boxes that the artists then paint. The boxes are traditionally finished with a coat of black lacquer on the outside and red on the inside.


    Lacquer Box "Kizhi"

    This Russian jewelry box hand painted in the unique Kholui style.
    It is made from Paper-mache, tempera paint, clear lacquer. Handmade in Russia.


    Lacquer Box "Winter Fun"

    Russian jewelry box hand painted in the unique Kholui style. Painting on the box is based on famous Russian fairy tale about Saltan.
    This box is hand painted all way around and it is signed by the artist Belov on the back side. It is a true one-of-a-kind museum quality masterpiece.
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